Chewy, Trooper, and Maggie Osgood

*This site is badly in need of updating, however, I do not know when I'll have the time to revamp the entire site. In the meantime, I have added a picture of our new puppy below and two new friends at page four of Chewy's Friends.
Ranch This is where we all live, on a cattle ranch (not ours) out on the high plains of Montana. Ours is the house nearest the pond.
Our newest family member on the left, Barley the Wire Fox Terrier, with Maggie during one of our winter snows. Oh boy, what a handful he is! Maggie and Barley
Trooper and Maggie on bed Trooper our newest rescue Airedale, sometimes referred to as "Dammit!", and Maggie our golden retriever taking over Brianne's messy room.
Chewy, King of the Couch Potatoes.

Chewy passed away 10/22/02 from cancer. He will always be in our hearts.
Chewy snoozin'
The boys on the loveseat Here you can see the color contrast between the two 'dales. Yes, they do more than just lie around on the couch. Sometimes they actually get up to eat!

Hole in the couch skirt courtesy of Maggie.
Trooper and his new friend, Toffee the Ty terrier Click the photo for another view. He must have sat and watched this toy for an hour, even after I moved it to a different spot. Trooper and Toffee
Trooper and me Okay, here I am with Trooper who thinks he's just a little lapdog (yeah, all 86 lbs of him!) Maggie is in her favorite "ready to be a footwarmer" spot.
Another cute picture of Trooper. Trooper
Ol' mud-dale Chewy likes to soak himself in the kiddie pool when it's hot out. However, I'm not sure if he then went and rolled around in the dirt, or went digging for a gopher. Either way, he ended up getting a good long bath that day!!
Chewy doing what he does best when the ground isn't frozen - digging for gophers! Chewy digging
Chewy still digging Even though Maggie is in the way, you can see that Chewy is getting deeper into the hole! Sometimes he goes so deep, only his butt is above ground level.

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